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Caracteristics of the Pinto horse

Pinto is a very famous horse breed at the moment. A horse with a two-tone color dress for a black and white or brown and white. The Pinto came from the United States or rather from the Indians to face the various land battles of the time.

The characteristics of a Pinto

The Pinto is very easy to recognize. It measures from 1.48 to 1.60 m with an average weight ranging from 480 kg to 520 kg. Today, it is intended for western riding, which favors hiking for several days. But they are also skilled at taking dressage classes in show jumping, carriage or show jumping. Like all other horse breeds, Pinto are not the same, according to his education, some are heavy and not easy to train, others are rather calm and follow his master's actions. They are horses that love space and do not want to be trapped in a stable. A meadow with plenty of shade, without stones, or glasses, and even thorny areas.

The popularity of Pinto

Since pintos are different breeds of horses, it is difficult to identify specific points to support them. In America, with the participation of Pinto horses, breeding is actively conducted. In principle, these horses are not officially bred in a separate breed. An officially registered Pinto horse has white spots on the head or legs, or both on the head and legs, but not less than 10 square meters. If it is a pony, the area of the spot is 7.5 square meters. In the first case, white spots may spread throughout the body, but the spine line is always crossed. The concentration of the spots is different, often only the head with the stomach remains dark and white spots on the head are not excluded.

Today, all horses with pinto are registered in the register as such, regardless of their origin even the pony.